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The ORCID DE Monitor is intended to record, analyze and provide information on the use and dissemination of ORCID iDs. The data basis is formed by information from the search engine BASE, the GND and ORCID. The ORCID DE Monitor is being developed by Bielefeld University Library as part of the project "ORCID DE – Consolidation of the ORCID Information Infrastructure in Germany".
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Select an item from the top menu on the left to be evaluated. Please note: The maps and charts are only availabe in German at the moment.

The following evaluations are available

Various evaluations on the occurrence of ORCID iDs in repository environments since 2016
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Various evaluations on the occurrence of ORCID iDs in Crossref metadata since 2016
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BASE data provider
Various evaluations on the occurrence of ORCID iDs in the BASE index since 2020
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BASE claiming
Various evaluations on BASE claiming based on ORCID since 2018
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Statistics of ORCID iDs in the GND since 2016
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DNB publications
Statistics of machine linking of GND person records with DNB publications by ORCID iDs since 2020
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DNB claiming service
Evaluation of claimings in the German National Bibliography since 2019
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ORCID records
Various evaluations of ORCID users since 2013
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ORCID Consortium Germany
Membership development in the ORCID Consortium Germany
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